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How to Choose Tequila for Your Party

Tequila is a winged soul established only in Mexico and only there in the Tequila region. The juice from the center of the agave plant is fermented and dried only twice to make tequila. In the production of Tequila, the Mexican government has to follow strict regulations. To make Tequila, you have to start with mature blue agave plants that take eight to ten years to develop. All of these seeds can weigh between 40 and 80 pounds, and some can consider much more.

Understand the Variation of Tequila


Just as sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France cannot be called champagne, Mexico’s agave liquor cannot be called Tequila. According to Mexican law, Jalisco is the state that decides on the production of Tequila, although some regions in different countries have limited permits. Like flowers, the agave plant is influenced by the soil in which it grows. This also affects the taste of Tequila. Variations in taste are not so much due to timelessness as in the case of wine, but rather brand producers manage to make the taste of the spirit different from year to year, but arbitrary within the brand.

One way to achieve this is through aging. Thus bottled, Tequila usually has a strong flavor of the agave plant from which it comes; it tends to have a strong, fiery alcoholic taste. However, suppose the distillery has started with quality plants. In that case, the Tequila can have the desired flavors and be advertised as ‘silver.’ Many distilleries choose to age the Tequila to coordinate the taste.

Choose the Perfect Tequila Flavors


Blanco tequila is suitable for mixing into cocktails such as Tequila Sunrise and margaritas. However, some connoisseurs love the crystalline taste of silver tequila. Considering that the technique requires more, reposado tequila costs more than Blanco tequila. The shape of the pine also increases the price. French oak, like wine, is the best grade. However, American and Canadian walnut can also be used. The barrel could be toasted from the distillery, which brought out flavors such as vanilla and cherry.

Añejo tequila was the largest and, as a result, is the most expensive. Oak casks previously used for whisky or perhaps for reposado tequila are often used. The spirit takes on a strong pine flavor. It is usually considered sipping Tequila. Which Tequila you decide on depends mainly on your taste. I prefer a reposado, as I believe it provides the perfect balance of agave and flavor. However, it is not advisable to pay the price for an añejo and then confuse its flavor with mixers unless the combination of flavors is not the cocktail you are looking for.