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Best Thrilling Movies for Adult to Watch in 2021

A long weekend holiday is here. Now, it is time to relax and unwind by enjoying the content that caters us as adults. Click here to find the best forms of content that you might love as an adult. There are many forms of content that can cater adult, such as horror, thriller, pornography, and war and politics. The best way to enjoy these genres is by watching movies. Among those genres, a thriller is the most favorite genre. Here are the best thriller movies to watch in this long weekend holiday.

Best Thriller Movies for Adult

Zodiac (2007)

If you’re looking for a mainstream David Fincher film, you might be a little disappointed with Zodiac. It is very different from the films he has directed so far. It is clear that he is trying to do something different, and he succeeds. The film begins with two or three murders committed by a mysterious serial killer, and this can be confusing and shocking compared to the rest of the film.

After the first two or three minutes, when we see things from the killer’s perspective, the killer fades into the background, and the film becomes an investigative documentary. The rainy/foggy San Francisco weather is made the most of, making this thriller an atmospheric and tense encounter. Although there is no real conclusion, the entire journey is a roller coaster ride.

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club is one of those rare masterpieces that you have to see multiple times. Because if you’ve only seen it once, you’ve missed something. There are so many subtle clues thrown throughout the film, yet somehow you can be fooled until the very end. You’ll want to pay closer attention to every little detail and clue. It’s a completely different picture the next time you watch it, when you realize what’s going to happen at the end. Even if the twist seems out of proportion at first, the more you think about it, the more reasonable it becomes.

The Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo (2009 and 2011)

The first Swedish release, released in 2009, is highly regarded around the world. It is a very well acted and presented film. When an English vampire was mentioned, there was some buzz. It is good to see that the English remake is not unsatisfactory. In fact, this film surpasses the first one in many ways. The long drive through the snow to the stunning landscapes of Sweden in winter is such a joy to watch in this movie. Of course, a huge budget helps. It’s not for everyone. The English language version, which features lush cinematography and some convincing performances, improves the first installment.

Prisoners (2013)

How far can you go to save your loved ones? The plot revolves around Keeler Dover, an unhappy father of a six-year-old daughter who has disappeared with his partner. But how far will he go? As the plot begins to unravel, a hidden layer of sophistication and depth is revealed, making it fairly obvious that there is more to the story than meets the surface. The film as a whole, meanwhile, is intense and never lets up on the mystery and suspense. This is the kind of film that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Side Effects (2013)

Side Effects is all about the pharmaceutical industry. To say anything about the plot would be to dedicate this emotional thriller, but let’s just say that an experiment didn’t go exactly as it was supposed to, and it’s not as simple as it seems. The complicated and suspense does not subside until the end. With strong performances Beautifully acted film and also a sumptuous and emotional journey not to be missed.